that's what we've cooked up

the sunny side up

happYellow is tailor-made for spirited souls, cheerful individuals, for easygoing and laid-back crews. For people who are up for any fun, who look at life optimistically, are adventurous, and have infectious energy. And: those who enjoy sharing the sweeter side of life. If you enjoy meeting such life enthusiasts, you'll surely be happy at our B&B in Saalbach Hinterglemm.

we're behind it.

small team, big commitment.

Benjamin, the chef with many great ideas. Carmen, the athlete in service. Elena, who prepares the best breakfast in the world. And my wife Katrin and I plan everything together to make you feel extremely comfortable. Behind this are 50 years of experience that we gathered with parents and grandparents at the Barbarahof. You can conquer happYellow on your own, but if you need us, we're here. At happYellow or just around the corner at the Barbarahof.

the barbarahof

the big sister next door

My grandparents Rudi and Barbara founded the Barbarahof in 1972. That's over 50 years ago, and four generations have lived and worked here. That's more than 18,000 days of keeping our guests' wish list in mind and making sure everything is fulfilled. And that's what we enjoy.
So, if you feel like having a barbecue evening, want to use the sun terrace, or explore the adventure garden (over 2,200 square meters of green space), just come over to the Barbarahof.

thank you, dear environment.

sustainability starts with thinking

The happyYellow is a colorful mix of rooms, each with its own story. For some, we decided to keep the old furniture because it would have been a shame to tear it out. This way, they continue to have a good life, and so do you. They are sturdy, of high quality, and have survived many upholstery battles, housed lovers, and connected friends. We've spruced them up, sandblasted them, and given them a new shine. And from that, we've created a witty combination of old and new. Refining what's there is a good sustainable motto.

mental digital

clear your mind for adventure

The beauty of vacationing is that you don't have to think about anything. Your smartphone serves as your digital concierge. You check in and out digitally, see what you've consumed, book a massage, reserve a table for à la carte dining, stream good movies (the Wi-Fi bandwidth is more than top-notch), and communicate with us - via the GuestNet. Just as you're used to as a digital leisure nomad. And if you feel like chatting or have questions, you can drop by the Barbarahof anytime.

what you've always wanted to know about us.

How did you come up with the color yellow?

That was quite simple: Yellow is our favorite color. It radiates happiness and lightness, showing that life can be easy and uncomplicated.

What does happYellow mean to you?

HappYellow brings a bit more yellow into your life and is casual, uncomplicated, easy. It's a way of life that carries you through the day in a relaxed manner.

Who's behind all the fun?

A family that has had nothing else in mind for four generations than making their guests happy.

keep smiling

& live your life yellow



We'll be your hotel crush, want to bet?

Relax room

relax room

Small, fine, yours - here, sweating is à la carte.



A retreat for relaxing, chilling, working.