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We thought: for those who want a bit more yellow in their lives, there should be an uncomplicated, chill boutique house that's fun, exudes happiness, and where you enjoy plenty of freedom. That's happYellow! How does it work? Quite simply.

what you've always wanted to know about us...

How did you come up with the color yellow?

That was quite simple: Yellow is our favorite color; it radiates happiness and lightness, showing that life can be easy and uncomplicated.

What does happYellow mean to you?

HappYellow brings a bit more yellow into your life and is laid-back, uncomplicated, easy. It's a way of life that carries you through the day in a relaxed manner.

Who's behind all the fun?

A family that has had nothing else in mind for four generations than to make their guests happy.

What does it bring me to stay with you?

The happYellow is a chilled boutique house without drama or exaggerated frills. Simply relaxed, with good vibes and a touch of color. And yes, yellow brings happiness. But so does the nature right outside your door. The good food prepared with love. The uncomplicated life that is easily possible here.

What makes happYellow different?

Freestyle instead of formalities, live your life uncomplicated. The house belongs to you, your smartphone controls everything.

Does your food really make you happy?

For sure! When the meat comes from neighboring cows, and the cheese from the village dairy, you're getting some really good stuff on your plate. And you'll reach that feeling of happiness in the most relaxed way.

Why is booking directly a big advantage?

Because you simply get more out of it: Best price guarantee, free cancellation, payment upon arrival, complimentary late check-out, and much more. Happy?

Can I also relax with you or do I have to be an action hero?

There are small, fine relaxation areas throughout the house. But considering the mountains, the endless opportunities for hiking, biking, and skiing, we're curious if you have enough stamina to sit still.

You're hardly ever there, what do I do if I have a question?

Easy: the Barbarahof is just around the corner, we're always here for you.

Are the rooms big enough to accommodate my whole gang?

And indeed they are: Take the FRIENDS room, it can accommodate up to five of your best friends.

Do you really support a smart start-up with the caretrade coffee?

Yes, absolutely. alrighty is a smart Munich-based company that is committed to making the coffee world a little better. Therefore, they offer top-quality coffee that is not only fair but also caretrade. And it tastes great too!

Can I throw a party at your place?

Sure thing! That's exactly what the cellar bar is for. You're your own DJ, pour your own drinks, set the mood. You can even show off your skills on a pole or with darts.

What is the quickest way to get to you?

Off to the car, turn on the GPS, and you're all set:

Glemmtaler Landesstraße 376
5753 Saalbach, Salzburg

You can also take the train, but it'll take a while.

Unlucky streak?

Absolutely! Knowing about the cancellation policies and travel insurance can be really beneficial when you're about to embark on your eagerly awaited getaway at happYellow, but then suddenly you're hit by a nasty cold or encounter an unexpected car issue on your way there – or worse, you break your arm while skiing. Being informed about these aspects helps you protect yourself against such strokes of bad luck and ensures you can fully enjoy your trip.

Cancellation policy at happYellow

Upon booking, you agree to the following cancellation conditions:

  • If you cancel up to one month before arrival, we will gladly refund your deposit. However, a processing fee may apply.
  • From one month to one week before arrival, the cancellation fee is 50% of the booking price.
  • If you cancel within the last week before arrival, we will charge you 100% of the booking price. Sorry!
  • If your canceled room is re-rented, a processing fee will be charged. This varies depending on the travel period, occupancy, and cancellation time and ranges between five and 50% of the booking price.
  • The deposit will only be refunded in the event that your trip is prevented due to force majeure.
  • Snow shortages, work-related holiday bans, work-related holiday changes, family illnesses, or holiday plan changes due to school holidays are not acceptable reasons for cancellation. In such cases, the deposit will not be refunded. Additional cancellation fees may apply.
  • With the Hotel Cancellation Plus Insurance, which costs only five percent of the travel price, not only are cancellation costs and trip interruption covered, but also late arrival, involuntary extension of holidays, and search and rescue operations (including helicopter rescue).

Travel cancellation insurance

You know what? A travel cancellation insurance is like a superhero for your planned trips. So, don't hesitate, check out how you can secure yourself for your journey!

Our terms and conditions are subject to the Austrian Hotel Contract Conditions (AGBH).

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