Here comes the good stuff: Happy food for breakfast. From happy chickens from the neighborhood, cheese from the local dairy, all organic, fresh, and regional. We pay attention to that, that's our promise. But actually, it doesn't even need that: because you can taste the difference immediately. And that's how you come to your feeling of happiness, every morning.

Feasting allowed


A successful breakfast - together with friends - does something to you: it awakens a feeling of satisfaction and well-being. And what could be better than starting the day with that? The happYellow breakfast is the cream of the crop. Freshly squeezed juices, homemade jams, organic honey, bread and pastries from the local bakery. And: if you fill your bread basket too full, there's no need for apologies here. Indulging is explicitly allowed at our restaurant in Saalbach Hinterglemm!

trying goes over studying

A liver-cheese that feels like family? Yes, we have that for breakfast. The divine Gourmetfein Leberkäse is surely the best in all of Austria. We can say that with confidence. After all, we know where Katrin's family grazes their cows. But not just that, we also source our pork and beef exclusively from Gourmetfein. You'll taste the difference, we bet!

Special requests?

Food brings happiness - that's what our Elena knows, who serves up the best breakfast buffet. Benjamin, the chef, is always coming up with new egg dishes. Not for a second would we consider giving up the coffee specialties from the small Munich startup alrighty. The underdogs of the coffee world, whom we passionately support because they've set out to make the coffee world better, will supply you with the best of coffee.

keep smiling

& live your life yellow


dinner à la card

feel free. Let yourself be spoiled in the restaurant. And you'll soon realize why you and your friends can be knocked off your feet with happiness by a Wiener Schnitzel.

Bar & Drinks

bars & drinks

Raise your glasses high: With the beat in your ears, cool vibes all around, and cocktails with a party feeling – the whole night will be a hit.

Dine Around

dine around

Happyfood is the ultimate mood booster!