work im flow

the full spectrum

Relaxation, chilling and working with super-fast Wi-Fi on the house - that's what your ideal working holiday in Austria looks like. Our workation area is located right next to the bar - how convenient - because anyone who only thinks about work here will quickly be distracted. After all, you're on vacation. There are more important things to do. Networking, for example. Making yourself comfortable and contemplating new visions. And, of course: chilling. That way, new ideas have a chance to find their way to you again during your work and holiday in Austria.

the workation way

Work efficiently during your vacation: do it freestyle


The fast Wi-Fi is on the house


The bar is open for good conversations


It's going smoothly here

mastering the game of work and play

mastering the game of work and play

are going around

cozy room
Capacity 1 - 2 persons
Size 15 - 17m²
Prize from 68,00 €
classic room
Capacity 2 - 3 persons
Size 17 - 21m²
Prize from 72,00 €
cinema room
Capacity 2 - 5 persons
Size ca. 30m²
Prize from 92,00 €
big tradition room
Capacity 2 - 4 persons
Size ca. 36m²
Prize from 92,00 €
junior suite
Capacity 2 - 5 persons
Size ca. 40m²
Prize from 95,00 €
sporty room
Capacity 2 - 3 persons
Size ca. 29m²
Prize from 88,00 €
Capacity 2 - 4 persons
Size ca. 40m²
Prize from 90,00 €

keep smiling

& live your life yellow



A chill boutique house without any drama or fuss



Yellow is a way of life, and what a one it is!

Relax room

relax room

Small, fine, yours - here you can sweat à la carte

does that sound familiar to you?

Work and leisure often blend together. But why not? You're enjoying a few days off and quickly check the most important emails in between, cross off your top task on the to-do list, or promptly have a video call with your colleagues back home. Envy included.

uniqueness? we love it!

Here, you can do whatever you want.


Yellow is truly a cool way of life! I am loving it.

Peter W.