happyfood makes happymood

Happy food is the ultimate mood booster! Behind this magic is not only the taste but also a chemical love story in our brains. Enjoying delicious food releases happiness hormones like serotonin and endorphins. Even more so when you share your taste experience with nice people at our restaurant in Saalbach Hinterglemm.

uniqueness? We love it!

happy moments to devour

breakfast for champions

Here comes the good stuff. Gives strength, makes you happy.

feel free


À la carte dining in the relaxed living room of your dreams.

round the clock

At the 24/7 vending machine - from drinks to granola bars. We have it all.

steak it easy? meat you here

steak it easy? meat you here

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table now!

are going around

cozy room
Capacity 1 - 2 persons
Size 15 - 17m²
Prize from 68,00 €
classic room
Capacity 2 - 3 persons
Size 17 - 21m²
Prize from 72,00 €
cinema room
Capacity 2 - 5 persons
Size ca. 30m²
Prize from 92,00 €
big tradition room
Capacity 2 - 4 persons
Size ca. 36m²
Prize from 92,00 €
junior suite
Capacity 2 - 5 persons
Size ca. 40m²
Prize from 95,00 €
sporty room
Capacity 2 - 3 persons
Size ca. 29m²
Prize from 88,00 €
Capacity 2 - 4 persons
Size ca. 40m²
Prize from 90,00 €

feasting - plenty of happiness to go around.

regional + vital = everything that makes you happy


breakfast for champions

Small, fine, yours: only the best from the region lands on the breakfast buffet. You'll never experience happiness this relaxed again.


dinner à la card

Feel free. Let yourself be spoiled in the restaurant. And you'll soon realize why you and your friends can be blown away by a Wiener Schnitzel with happiness.

Bar & Drinks

bar & drinks

Raise your glasses: With the beat in your ears, the cool vibes around you, and cocktails with a party feeling, the whole night will be a hit.

hello in saalbach

Check out the brand-new happYellow Boutique House! It's the ultimate spot between Saalbach and Hinterglemm for anyone who loves style, comfort, and indulgence. Not only do we offer a top-notch breakfast, but also a cool à-la-carte restaurant with a real wow factor.

keep smiling

& live your live yellow

Happy Moments!

Culinary delights await you here in abundance! A truly delicious experience!

Leonie K.

really good stuff

When the meat comes from neighbor's cows and the cheese from the village dairy, you're in for some really good stuff on your plate. And you can relax into that feeling of happiness.

culinary delights & enjoyment