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In the happYellow rooms, all options are open to you. From small to large to huge, many with furniture we've rescued to give them a second chance, and to have a good time with you. All without drama or excessive fuss. Just relaxed, with good vibes and a touch of color: Yellow can be addictive.

cozy room
1 - 2 persons 15 - 17m² from 68,00 €
Small, cozy, and uniquely styled in boutique fashion. Who needs more when you have the mountains right at your doorstep?
classic room
2 - 3 persons 17 - 21m² from 72,00 €
If you love classic, modern, and casual vibes, then you're in the right place. Boutique style is your style.
Bequeme Couch
cinema room
2 - 5 persons ca. 30m² from 92,00 €
The rooms are like a big movie theater!
big tradition room
2 - 4 persons ca. 36m² from 92,00 €
Bring the whole family along; there's plenty of room here for everyone to romp around, let loose, and have fun.
junior suite
2 - 5 persons ca. 40m² from 95,00 € Per day
A small palace in boutique style for your gang.
sporty room
2 - 3 persons ca. 29m² from 88,00 €
Sitting still isn't your thing. A yoga mat, kettlebells, balance board, and foam roller in the room lift your spirits.
2 - 4 persons ca. 40m² from 90,00 €
We deliberately left the apartment untouched. We appreciate its traditional chic.

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Included services

included services

You deserve the full program, and you're getting it!

Good to know

good to know

You have questions, here are the answers. Any more questions?

chill, chill - for heaven's sake - just don't disturb.

To ensure you can relax undisturbed during your vacation, the rooms will not be cleaned for the first three days of your stay. After that, we'll take care of it! We do this for the environment's sake too, as excessive cleaning isn't great for it. However, if you'd like a cleaning outside of this schedule, it's no problem. It's available for an additional 15 euros.
For stays of 7 nights or more, fresh bed linens and towels are provided once a week at no extra cost.